Fine dining in Esbjerg

Restaurant Loftet Fine Dining is our Nordic Gourmet department, which is located on the 2nd floor, with a view of Esbjergs Tage. We are part of Posthuset Esbjerg, which has several eating places under the same roof – Restaurant, sports bar and Fine Dining at the top.
The large, historic and charismatic building, which was formerly the central post office, was built in 1908 and is a trademark in the heart of Esbjerg. Over the last few years, Restaurant Loftet Fine Dining has delivered high quality, as well as exciting food and wine. We are Nordic inspired, with an eye for good, local ingredients. We love to be picky about the food and wine and the interaction between these will hopefully give you the gourmet experience you were hoping for.
Our Nordic gourmet menu follows the seasons, so you get the best experience all year round. We go on inspiration trips to the local suppliers several times a year, so that we get an insight into the entire process, from when they start by preparing the raw materials until they are delivered to us and right up to the time that you can enjoy it in our beautiful restaurant.

Gourmet frokost i Esbjerg

If you fancy a gourmet lunch in Esbjerg, then Restaurant Loftet Fine Dining is just the right place. We strive to serve Esbjerg’s best smørrebrød. Our way of thinking in our Gourmet restaurant is that the raw materials we use are of the best quality. It’s innovative, it’s Nordic, it’s well prepared, it’s Esbjerg’s best lunch. The sandwiches are changed continuously so that they follow the season and the ingredients that suit it.
For lunch there is always a minimum of six different ones to choose from, we endeavor to ensure that there is both fish, poultry and cheese among those selected. You choose your smørrebrød yourself, so you get the lunch you want, the table doesn’t have to choose the same ones. If the weather is good, you can sit on our beautiful roof terrace, where you can see beyond Esbjerg’s roofs, while you enjoy your delicious lunch.
If you want to enjoy your lunch at home or perhaps as lunch at work, you can book our delicious gourmet smørrebrød as take away. We pack the smørrebrød in boxes, so they are ready for collection when it suits you. You can book via our website or by phone during our opening hours. We are open for lunch on Friday and Saturday from 11-14.30.